The European Union is taking an extremely long time to establish all funding instruments in the current EU funding phase 2021-2027. While this has always meant a delay of 12 months for the decentrally managed structural and investment funds, it is now often 2 years. But, even with the action programmes, it takes time for […]

More about the Handbook!

The EU learning project is funded in the frame of the Erasmus+ program [GA 2019-1-DE01-KA204-06527].  

Coming soon: The EU-Learning Handbook

COMING SOON: The EU Learning Handbook! Preparing for the new Funding Period 2021-2027, the Handbook, jointly established by the EU-Learning project consortium, will give an overview on the major EU funding programmes including tips and hints from previous projects and novelties coming with the new period.

Meet our Partners: Prodos

Prodos is an interdisciplinary team and a network of experts with many years of diversified experience, specialized in different areas of European funding, with the desire to combine passion and know-how to support public and private organizations, step by step, in all the phases of European project planning. Prodos offers basic and advanced online courses […]

Meet our Partners: Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN)

MEET OUR PARTNERS (Day 5!) Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) is a private non-profit organization that promotes innovation and the transfer of technology, establishing the connection between the scientific and technological environment and the production sector by offering respective trainings. IPN provides the bridge between innovation, research start-up, and EU funding. IPN is EU-Learning’s specialist for […]

Meet our Partners: EuroVienna

EuroVienna EU-consulting & -management GmbH is the main service center for EU projects in Austria. EuroVienna offers support in developing and implementing EU projects from start to finish. Through its training programme “EuroAccess Training” it offers knowledge on how to successfully apply for EU funds and how to correctly do the accounting for your EU-funded […]

Meet our Partners: EUFRAK

EUFRAK-EuroConsults Berlin GmbH is active in the field of adult education and training on EU funding and project management. While permanent courses are offered, EUFRAK also offers customized trainings based on the wishes of its clients. Further, EUFRAK supports clients in all steps of an EU project, starting from the desk research for suitable funding […]

Meet our Partners: Building Bridges

MEET OUR PARTNERS: Building Bridges Cultural Association (BB) is a training association, mainly working with youth (ages 18-30), youth trainers, and adult learners, aiming to improve their employability through non-formal education methodologies. BB’s belief is that transnational experiences offer young people the opportunity to grow within a European dimension through the development of their personal […]

Meet our partners

Through our network, we want to bring forth a vital part of human interaction: a face you can get to know and trust. Our network is made up of people. People who we want you to get to know and trust. Next week we want to introduce you to the founding partners of our project […]