About EU-Learning

Project Purpose:

The Exchange of Good Practices and Network Creation in Adult Education and eLearning in the Field of EU Funding

In order to prepare the new EU funding period 2021-2027 for the educational sector of EU fundraising and project management, this project was launched.

Within EU-Learning two main products will be created:

1. The Handbook

A handbook with information on all funding instruments of the new funding phase is being developed. This handbook will be available to all interested parties and will be a basic teaching material for the educational sector as well as a general support for institutions that want to apply to the EU Handbook

2. The Network

A European network will be established to discuss best practices and innovations in the training of partner organizations and to develop long-term European standards for training in EU fundraising and project management. Within this network, preparations will be made for the new funding phase through a constant exchange of information and materials.

Through the knowledge exchange in EU-Learning, on the one hand, the training organizations expand their competences in terms of preparation, development, and implementation of innovative trainings at local, national, and European level. On the other hand, the final beneficiaries, the learners, receive more innovative trainings on all levels. This further increases their skills and thus their opportunities in the education market.


Training Organizations and Professionals (in general):

  • Firsthand information on the new funding period (with the handbook)

  • Possibility to exchange knowledge, experiences & ideas

  • Find trusted partners for new joint training activities or new projects in the field of EU funding and project management

  • Possibility to jointly develop European standards for trainings on EU funding

Project Partners:

  • Expansion of knowledge and expertise

  • Improved and/or new trainings & methodological approaches (especially eLearning)

  • Expanded (international) partner network

Participants of Trainings:

  • Better and more pertinent educational offers
  • Experience new way of learnings (e.g. eLearning)
  • Improved project planning 
  • Improved proposal writing skills
  • Improved management skills for EU projects



Project Profile

Start: 01.10.2019

End: 31.07.2021

Duration: 22 months

Budget: 98.717€


8 organizations active in the educational field of EU funding and project management: 

  1. EUFRAK-EuroConsults Berlin GmbH
  2. Building Bridges Cultural Association
  3. European Fund Management Consulting
  4. European Project Association
  5. EuroVienna EU-consulting & – management GmbH
  6. Informo
  7. Instituto Pedro Nunes
  8. Prodos Consulting



  1. Handbook: Information on the EU 2021-2027 Funding Programs
  2. Network: “Network of Institutions Active in the Field of Education in EU Funding”

Target Group

  1. Training organizations and professionals active in the field EU funding and EU project management 
  2. Organizations and professionals aiming at applying for EU funding and implementing EU projects
  3. Participants of trainings in the field of EU funding and project management